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NGO Registration Online

NGOs or Non-Governmental Organisations are such entities that work for charitable purposes, mostly known as non-profit organizations.

If you are thinking to start your NGO, then it must be registered. You can register your NGO Online with StartEazy.It can be registered under any one of the following acts :

  • Trust Act
  • Society Act
  • Companies Act

NGOs registration mostly takes place in the form of Section 8 Company. Registration can be done for all the not-for-profit and charitable trusts under companies Act.

Types of NGO Registration

There are basically three ways to register your NGO in India.

  • Section 8 Company Registration
  • Trust Registration
  • Society Registration

Even though all 3 of the organisations in India are formed for the betterment and development of society, they have some small differences which should be mentioned.

Section 8 NGO vs NGO Trust vs Society

Section 8 Registration

  • Usually preferred for new age NGO’s.
  • Privacy is low but more credibility.
  • Usually, Enterprises formed with objectives such as, welfare, charity etc intending to utilize the profits for promoting similar objectives are registered as Section 8 Company.
  • Minimum 2 directors and shareholders required.
  • Registered under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Registering Authority: Registrar of Companies (ROC) or Regional Director
  • Reasonable
  • FRCA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) registration and transparency in working details highly preferred.


  • Preferred for families starting charitable institutions with property.
  • Higher privacy and moderate credibility
  • It’s an agreement between parties, and one party holds the ownership and legal title of the entire property for the benefit of the other.
  • At least 2 trustees
  • Certified under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.
  • Deputy Registrar of the specific area.
  • Reasonable
  • No such preference

Society Registration

  • Preferred for democratic NGO’s where leaders should be chosen by elections.
  • Moderate privacy but low credibility.
  • A group of collective people initiating any literary, scientific or charitable purpose.
  • Minimum 7 members
  • Registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar of Societies (state)
  • Low cost
  • No such preference

Benefits Of Section 8 NGO Registration

NGO registration under the Companies Act, 2013 has its own perks. Let’s have a look.

Checking Name Availability

More attractive for donations : Tax Saving

When you register your NGO as a section 8 company, under the Companies Act, the donors and directors of the company can easily avail of several taxation benefits. Likewise NGOs are often free from many taxes (VAT, IT) while using the same for more projects.

LLP agreement

Doesn’t Require Share Capital

Unlike all the other companies, companies registered as NGOs don’t require a minimum share capital to function independently. NGOs can be funded directly with the donations made to them. If there are subscriptions, NGOs can also be used to support the proceedings undertaken by the organisation.

Filing of Documents


Registering your NGO can help you get credibility in front of donors. Having your NGO as a section 8 company or trust increases the goodwill of the NGO.

Filing of Documents

Title Usage

There is no compulsion for Section 8 NGO to use any suffix at the end of their name. For Eg a private limited company or a public company is required to add “pvt. ltd.” or “ltd” at the end of name respectively. There is no such compulsion for a Section 8 NGO.

Filing of Documents

Transfer Of Ownership/Titles

Likewise in the case of NGOs registered under the Income Tax Return Act of 1961, in fact can easily transfer their ownership or claims of the interests earned. For other companies, it’s a complicated and time-taking process.

As a matter of fact“Serve people and society better” is the motto of NGOs. Yet, to ensure all that the goals are attained well. It’s important to get the right start.
For the beginning, NGO registration is the first step. So, if you’re planning to do any of the below-mentioned things, make sure your NGO registration is done!

  • Using the self-governing body for the betterment of society while helping the poor and the needy.
  • Helping the underprivileged people and provide the opportunity for growth.

Once you have defined the specific agenda of your NGO, you can go ahead with NGO registration

Frequently Asked Question's

  • 1. Which one is suited for my organisation - Trust, Society or Company ?
  • Firstly to apply for the appropriate NGO registration best suited for your business, you must have a clear idea about the core value of your organisation.
    However, if you’re confused about the legal terms of the process, contact one of our experts at today! He/She will address your concern immediately.

  • 2. Can an NGO be eligible for Government funding ?
  • Yes! After 3 years of registration NGOs are eligible for Government fund. Although, in some specific cases, an NGO can receive Government funding within a year in case its project gets approved.

  • 3. Are government employees or officer allowed to be NGO member ?
  • Yes! In fact Government employees or officers can be active member of NGOs. Also NGOs are non-government organisations, not anti-government. For instance, there are some basic rules to keep in mind such as - the NGO can’t be a profit-purpose organisation.

  • 4. How should I do my NGO Registration Online ?
  • All you need to do is fill up our contact form and our NGO Registration Team will get in touch with you. NGO Registration Online is a hassle-free process.

  • 5. What is 12A and 80G Registration for the NGO ?
  • 12A & 80G Registration for NGO provides tax benefits to the donors. There are several slabs for tax benefits. The tax benefit slabs are 50 % and 100% based on the eligibility of the NGO. 12A & 80G Registration for NGO can be availed after the NGO has performed well for a certain number of years.

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